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What is Ranma ½?

Ranma ½ is a story with a cute blend of humor (a lot), martial arts (a little), and romance.

It began as a comic (manga) piece by the famous Japanese manga artist Rumiko Takahashi.
Ranma ½ ran 407 weekly installments -- totalling 2,448 pages, or 38 bound volumes.
Due to its popularity, it spawned an animated TV series, movies, and music.

Ranma ½ ended in Japan years ago, and is somewhat passé there now, but it isn't yet completely
available here in the USA. Currently 24 of 38 comic volumes are published in English, with a
few new ones coming out each year. All seven TV seasons are available now.

For an introduction to the Ranma story, see the "What's Ranma ½?" page on AnimeInfo.ORG.
For information on characters and comic/video media for sale, see The Ranma ½ Library.

We recommend you start by trying the first few English volumes of the manga ([1] [2] [3]).
We bet you'll like it.