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Index: A3 key cel, with drawing
Description: Ranma and Akane are being forced face-to-face by their fathers. Akane: "What are you doing?!" Narrator: "The two have been engaged to marry by their loving parents."
From: Intro that follows the opening theme in seasons 2-3 ("Meet Ranma Saotome...") (~0:09)

Index: C9 cel with background.
Description: Ranma and Akane, I think in front of the St. Hebereke building (Kodachi's school).
From: Unknown.

Index: A4 cel.
Description: Ranma pushes Akane towards Kuno and the Phoenix, suggesting that she "distract" him while Ranma attacks the bird. Ranma: "I didn't want to do this, you know." [shove] Kuno: "Ah, Akane Tendo!"
From: OAV Episode 9. "Team Ranma vs. The Legendary Phoenix" (~17:35)

Index: Two cel layers, A4 and D23, with drawing.
Condition: Layers are separate.
Layers: D23 is Ranma and Akane, A4 is the red blur marks around them.
Description: Akane dragging a dazed Ranma away from the attacking Phoenix. Akane: "C'mon, Ranma! We gotta go!"
From: OAV Episode 9. "Team Ranma vs. The Legendary Phoenix" (~18:45)

Index: Three cel layers - A3, B3, and C3.
Condition: A3 and B3 are firmly stuck together, C3 is separate.
Layers: A3 is Akane, B3 is Ranma's mouth, and C3 is Ranma.
Description: Ranma and Akane folding up umbrellas after having walked to school in the rain. Ranma: "You know, it's a good thing you said to bring the umbrellas this morning, Akane." (Then Kuno shows up, in bad shape, after having fallen into a manhole.)
From: Season 4 Episode 14. "Extra! Extra! Kuno and Nabiki: Read All About It." (~3:23)

Index: Three cel layers, B1, C5, and D9, with drawing of Ranma only.
Condition: C5 and D9 are firmly stuck together.
Layers: B1 is Ranma's mouth, C5 is Akane, D9 is Ranma.
Description: Ranma talking to Akane, during her fight with Shampoo's sisters. Ranma: "Those two crack me up. First it was the fire dragon, and now it's the phoenix."
From: Season 4 Episode 24. "Ling-Ling and Lung-Lung Strike Back" (~14:30)

Index: A10 key cel, with drawing.
Condition: Slight damage to the drawing, as a previous owner let it get stuck to the cel.
Description: Ranma (actually "copycat Ken" in Ranma's form) and Akane at a slight angle. They're staring over the real Ranma, who's lying on the ground (in a cel layer that we don't have). Ranma: "Uh-oh. Why's he laughing?" [Ken decks Ranma] Ken: "Ha-ha! You see? I told you you couldn't copy my secret technique."
From: Season 3 Episode 20. "Enter Ken and His Copycat Kerchief." (~6:28)

Index: A5 cel, with drawing.
Condition: Drawing slightly damaged, as a former owner let it get stuck to the cel.
Description: Ranma and Akane had been sharing a romantic moment after following Azusa to Kuno's house, but the mood is shattered by Azusa's shrill voice. Azusa: "It's so cute! Charlemagne! Charlemagne!"
From: Season 4 Episode 22. "Kuno Becomes a Marianne" (~7:58)

Index: Three cel layers (A2, B2, and D2) with drawing of Ranma only.
Condition: Drawing has some damage from being stuck to the cel. Layers are firmly stuck together.
Layers: A2 is Ranma and Akane, B2 is Akane's eyes, D2 is Akane's mouth.
Description: Happy had been apparently dying, having given up his evil ways, due to having a crush on a local kindergarten teacher. However, he revived after being smothered in underwear. Akane: "Ranma, do something!" Ranma: "What happened to 'boo hoo, Happosai is dead?'"
From: Season 4 Episode 13. "Happosai's Happy Heart" (~19:22)

Index: A12 cel with background.
Condition: Cel is stuck and stapled to the background.
Description: Akane tries to convince Ranma to eat one of her rice cakes to see if he's her destined love. Ranma: "C'mon, I'm not afraid, and you've got your answer."
From: Season 7 Episode 13, "Wretched Rice Cakes of Love" (~8:26)

Index: Two key cel layers (A1 and A1'), with background.
Condition: Layers are firmly stuck together.
Layers: The lower layer (A1') is Ranma and Akane. The upper layer (A1) is Ranma and Akane's heads in a slightly different position.
Description: Ranma and Akane sitting at the table, talking about Kuno's infatuation with Nabiki. Ranma: "You sure he ain't teasing you or nothing, Nabiki?" Nabiki: "Can I be excused?" (The cel occurs as Akane turns to look at Nabiki when she begins to talk.)
From: Season 4 Episode 14. "Extra, Extra! Kuno & Nabiki: Read All About It!" (~9:10)

Index: A3 cel with background and foreground elements.
Layers: The foreground element is the shoji (rice-paper door) partially obscuring Ranma
Description: Ranma and Akane stare out of the door at Gosunkugi's departing back. He ran after finding out that Kogane is actually a ghost. Akane: "Hey! Come back, Gosunkugi!"
From: Season 7 Episode 17, "Gosunkugi's Summer Affair" (~11:44)

Index: Two cel layers (both labeled B10)
Condition: The layers are not stuck.
Layers: The upper layer changes Akane's flesh color, adding the blush around her nose.
Description: Akane beating Ranma with a wooden sword, for sneaking into her room in the middle of the night. (This is the first time he sneaks in to remove P-chan.) Ranma: "It's-" [whack] "-not-" [whack] "-what you..." [whack] "It's him!" [whack] "It's Ryoga!" [whack] "It's..." Akane: "Where?! Where is Ryoga? I don't see him!" (The cel has a minor coloring error, the cat's head on the elbow of Akane's left sleeve is supposed to be colored blue.)
From: Season 1 Episode 10. "P-P-P-chan! He's Good For Nothin'" (~7:50)

Index: Two cel layers (C19 and A?), with background.
Condition: The layers are firmly stuck together.
Layers: A? (number illegible) is some of the swirls in the sand. C19 is Ranma and Akane.
Description: Ranma and Akane sinking into the quicksand, they've just been passed by Shampoo and Mousse in the race. Ranma: "Oh, great, they're ahead. Look, there's no time to fight; just trust me, okay?"
From: Season 5 Episode 7. "Hot Springs Battle Royale." (~16:41)

Index: Three cel layers (A5-END, B12-END, and C4), two of them key end cel layers, with drawing of Akane only. The drawing has a second drawing of Akane's eyes on the back.
Condition: The layers are firmly stuck together.
Layers: A5-END is Akane corresponding to the drawing. B12-END is Akane's eyes. C4 is Ranma.
Description: Akane watches Ranma pick up some fish sausages. Sasuke has trapped them under the stage at Furinkan High, where he has hidden a lot of cats. Sasuke knows Ranma's weakness and is trying to use it against him. Sasuke: "Here, take this." Akane: "What's that?" Ranma: "Uh... fish sausage?" (The cel layers appear to be mismatched, Akane and Ranma don't have the shown poses at the same time.)
From: Season 2 Episode 5. "You Really Do Hate Cats!" (~9:30)

Index: Two key end cel layers (A18E and B9E), with background.
Condition: The layers are firmly stuck, and stapled, together.
Layers: B9E is Ranma, A18E is Akane.
Description: Akane holds on to Ranma's arm for support as they've slid into a giant footprint in the snow. Ranma: "I don't believe it." Akane: "What do you think made this?"
From: Season 6 Episode 14. "A Cold Day in Furinkan"

Index: A5 cel
Description: Ranma and Akane, still under the influence of the love mushrooms, are running back to the temple where their parents are, to announce their intention to marry. Ranma: "Pop!" Akane: "Dad! Nabiki! Kasumi!"
From: Season 7 Episode 9, "Let's Go to the Mushroom Temple" (~19:06)

Index: A3 cel
Description: Ranma and Akane, enjoying the sunset at the beach and being nice to each other for a change. They're surprised when Tatewaki Kuno appears out of the depths, with a watermelon on his head. Ranma: "Yeah, you're right, it's really nice.... Huh?"
From: Season 6 Episode 9. "The Date-Monster of Watermelon Island" (~1:15)

Index: C25 cel, with drawing
Condition: Minor discoloration to the drawing, from being stored with the cel.
Description: Ranma and Akane just outside the opponents' locker room at Saint Hebereke's. They had run out when Kodachi's roses exploded, and are just starting to go back in, now that the sleeping gas has dissipated.
From: Season 1 Episode 12. "A Woman's Love is War! The Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge!" (~15:05)

Index: Two cel layers (A1 and C2), one a key cel, with drawing of Ranma only
Condition: Significant damage to the drawing from having been stuck to the cel; also it is torn at one of the registration holes. Layers are stapled and firmly stuck together.
Layers: A1 is Ranma, C2 is Akane.
Description: Ranma and Akane watch as Kuno runs past them in a cave, searching for a treasure. Kuno: "'scuse me! Coming through!" Akane: "Where's he going?"
From: Season 6 Episode 21. "A Teenage Ghost Story" (~14:37)

Index: Three cel layers (A1, B3, C4-END), two of them key cel layers, with background.
Condition: Two of the layers are firmly stuck together, and it seems they were at one time stapled.
Layers: A1 is most of Akane, B3 is Akane's mouth, and C4-END is Ranma's head.
Description: Akane merrily chats with Ranma, who's in the tub. She was awakened by his reaction to a bad dream. (The layers are mismatched. Akane's head is from early in the scene; while Ranma facing the other way is from the end when Muu-muu-chan shows up at the window.) Akane: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't tease you. But, seriously though: that dream you had, what was it about?"
From: Season 5 Episode 12. "The Frogman's Curse" (~13:06)

Index: A10 cel
Description: Ranma and Akane together. Akane is staring at a doll of Kuno, that Kuno has just handed to her. Kuno: "It's a small token to remember me by." Akane: "Is this a joke?"
From: Season 4 Episode 14. "Extra, Extra! Kuno & Nabiki: Read All About It!" (~14:21)

Index: B9 key end cel, with drawing
Condition: Very minor damage to the drawing from having been stuck to the cel.
Description: Ranma takes Akane for a ride, fleeing various jealous suitors who witnessed his apology to her outside the hospital. Ranma: "Hey, what's that?" (He's referring to the writing on her cast, which reads "Ranma Baka!!" -- "Ranma Jerk!!". Akane was upset about Ranma not visiting her while she was there.)
From: Season 6 Episode 15. "Akane Goes to the Hospital" (~19:41)

Index: Five key end cel layers (A1, B1-END, C3-END, D3-END, E1-END) with drawing of the water (A1) layer only.
Condition: The layers are firmly stuck, and stapled, together with the drawing.
Layers: A1 is the water. B1-END is the raft and most of Ranma and Akane. C3-END is Ranma's mouth. D3-END is Akane's mouth. E1 is the character in front of them.
Description: Ranma and Akane fall into a ravine, landing on an old man's raft. Ranma: "Thank you! You saved us."
From: Season 7 Episode 9, "Let's Go to the Mushroom Temple" (~18:23)

Index: A22 key end cel
Condition: Some discoloration on the drawing, from having been stored with the cel. Minor line fading on the cel, from having been stuck to the drawing.
Description: No, Ranma is not doing his best impression of a Dragonball-Z character. He and Akane are falling through the ceiling of the dojo, after exchanging Christmas gifts. (The scarf that Akane gave to Ranma is around his neck, in a layer that is missing here.) Akane: "This really means a lot to me." Ranma: "Akane..." [the floor creaks and gives way]
From: OAV Episode 2. "Tendo Family Christmas Scramble" (~21:57)

Index: Two cel layers (A1 and B4), with background layer and background.
Condition: The layers are firmly stuck, and stapled, together.
Layers: A1 is Akane, Genma (who has a metal bowl over his head), and the classmates; the background layer is the ring surface. B4 is Ranma and the ring ropes that he's holding onto.
Description: Ranma at the edge of the "grill ring" during his face-off with Ukyo. He's looking back at the large oiling brush that Ukyo has just thrown his way. Ukyo: "I forgot to oil the grill. Silly me!"
From: Season 3 Episode 1. "Ranma Gains Yet Another Suitor" (~12:08)

Index: A7 cel
Description: Ranma and Akane
From: Unknown.

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