Shampoo and neko-Shampoo / しゃんぷ (p. 1 of 1)

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Index: A1 key cel.
Description: Shampoo in a nice pose.
From: Unknown.

Index: A3-END key end cel.
Description: Shampoo in the background (behind Cologne in a layer we don't have) watching Ranma and his girl-half sitting in a tree. Akane: "So it's all Happosai's fault?" Shampoo: "That old man do very bad thing."
From: Season 3 Episode 19. "Ranma and the Evil Within" (~11:30)

Index: B7 cel
Description: Shampoo in her cat form, crawls forward in order to kiss Ranma and save herself from the ghost cat's curse.
From: Season 7 Episode 7, "Shampoo's Cursed Kiss" (~20:43)

Index: A12(?) cel
Condition: slightly uneven bottom; the cel appears to have been trimmed.
Description: Neko-shampoo in close-up, "screaming" as she's tossed into the air by Jasmine the elephant's battle aura. (The cel comes in a sequence of all of the major characters screaming as they are overtaken by the mysterious dark monster.)
From: Movie 1: "Big Trouble in Nekonron, China" (~11:39)

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