Ryoga Hibiki and P-Chan / ひびき りょうが と P-ちゃん (p. 1 of 1)

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Index: C5 cel.
Description: Ryoga, in a rare (for him) happy moment.
From: Unknown.

Index: One cel layer (no sequence number), with foreground and background elements.
Condition: The cel is stapled to the background.
Layers: The foreground element is the snow underneath Ryoga's arms.
Description: Ryoga struggles to get to the Tendo dojo, in the freak snowstorm. Ryoga: "Akane..."
From: Season 6 Episode 14. "A Cold Day in Furinkan" (~3:11)

Index: A7 cel
Description: Nice close-up of Ryoga. He's running the last 100 steps towards the Japanese Nannichuan under the girls' locker room, and just noticing Ranma catching up. Ryoga: "Quit following me!"
From: Season 2 Episode 16. "Assault on the Girl's Locker Room" (~7:45)

Index: A21 cel with drawing
Condition: Some discoloration of drawing, from being stuck to the cel.
Description: Ryoga yelling as he chases Ranma and the rolling drum of water that will reverse their curses. Ryoga: "Oh, no you don't!"
From: Season 6 Episode 5. "Back to the Way We Were ... Please!" (~17:32)

Index: B2 cel
Condition: Some circular marks on the cel, a previous owner used it as a coaster! (Some people shouldn't be allowed to own art.)
Description: A young and angry Ryoga, with Ranma's footprints on the top of his head. From a flashback to the "bread feud" years when Ranma and Ryoga went to the same school. Ryoga: How dare you! Who are you? (The cel comes as Ryoga is turning around, shortly before he speaks)
From: Season 1 Episode 7. "Enter Ryoga! The Eternal 'Lost Boy'" (~16:40)

Index: C11 cel, with drawing
Description: Ryoga blushes, laughs, and scratches the back of his head in embarrassment.
From: Unknown.

Index: A19 cel, with drawing
Condition: Some damage to the drawing from having been stuck to the cel.
Description: Ukyo and Ranma are running from a group of boys from their school when Ryoga attacks. Ranma: "You're the pig, pork-butt!" Ryoga: "Don't change the subject, you two-timer!" (Cel occurs after Ryoga speaks.)
From: Season 3 Episode 23. "Ukyo's Skirt! The Great Girly-Girl Gambit" (~10:30)

Index: A16 cel
Description: Nice close-up of Ryoga.
From: Unknown.

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