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Index: A9 cel, with drawing.
Description: Mousse with opaque glasses.
From: Unknown.

Index: A1 key cel.
Description: Mousse angry during his first fight with Ranma, who has been making fun of his fighting style. Ranma: "All right! You do know magic!" Mousse: "Quiet!" (Mousse is winding up to throw several weapons on ropes at Ranma.)
From: Season 2 Episode 8. "Enter Mousse! The Fist of the White Swan" (~15:25)

Index: Unnumbered cel, with drawing
Condition: The cel and drawing have only one registration hole and appear to have been trimmed from much larger stock. (However, they are roughly the same size as standard cels.)
Description: Mousse, seemingly angry.
From: Unknown.

Index: A27 key end cel, with drawing
Description: Mousse in his cursed form, tied up by Cologne so that he won't interfere with Ranma's confession to Shampoo. He has just imagined Shampoo serving him to Ranma as the main course, and is determined to convince Akane to stop things. Akane: "I told you, I don't care!"
From: OAV Episode 1. "Curse of the Contrary Jewel" (~19:32)

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