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Index: A3 cel.
Description: The Egg-catcher's presence reminds Kasumi why she made a particular dish. Nabiki: "So, what about it, Kasumi?" Kasumi: "Yesterday, when I went out to do some shopping, I thought to myself that I'd make an omelette, but then..."
From: Season 4 Episode 17. "The Egg-Catcher Man" (~15:10)

Index: A14 cel.
Condition: Slight bend on lower-left corner.
Description: Kasumi comforts the crying ghost that has followed Akane home from school. Nabiki: "Don't change the subject, and answer me!" Kasumi: "Nabiki! Would you please stop scaring the ghost?"
From: Season 6 Episode 21. "A Teenage Ghost Story" (~4:03)

Index: A9 cel.
Description: Kasumi stares in horror at Akane's partially-cut hair. Akane: "You don't have to make such a big deal out of it, Kasumi." Kasumi: "What happened to your hair, Akane?" The cel occurs during the word "happened," as Kasumi is lowering her hands from having thrown a pan and its contents into the air. (Akane and Ranma are both present, in layers we don't have.)
From: Season 1 Episode 9. "True Confessions! A Girl's Hair is Her Life!" (~5:25)

Index: A4 cel.
Description: Kasumi describes the crime scene in the mystery of the missing octopus puffs. Kasumi: "It was around three o'clock when I came into the kitchen to start dinner..."
From: Season 5 Episode 23 - "Case of the Missing Takoyaki!" (~2:47)

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