Genma Saotome and "Mister Panda" / さおとめ げんま と ぱんださん (p. 1 of 1)

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Index: A6 cel, with background.
Description: Genma demonstrates the "howl of the underdog" attack to Ranma. Genma: "Once you've got enough distance, then get ready..."
From: Season 7 Episode 6. "From the Depths of Despair, Part 2" (~5:35)

Index: A17-E key end cel, with drawing
Description: Genma dives into the attack against Prince Toma's men. Genma: "Ha!"
From: Movie 2. "Nihao My Concubine" (~32:58)

Index: A1 key cel, with drawing
Condition: Very minor paint loss under Genma's left armpit (paint came away with the drawing, as a former owner stored it with the cel).
Description: Genma, in panda form, drunk. A table with several empty sake bottles (in a layer we don't have) sits in front of him. Genma and Soun are at the side of the room where Kuno is recovering. Akane (about Kuno): "He's remembering!"
From: Season 6 Episode 9. "The Date-Monster of Watermelon Island" (~3:39)

Index: A5 cel, with drawing
Condition: The gap between Genma's arm and body has been cut out, though that may have been done during filming.
Description: Genma smiling and holding two bowls.
From: Unknown.

Index: A1 key cel, with drawing
Description: Genma stares off to the side.
From: Unknown.

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