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Index: A19 key cel, with drawing.
Description: Nodoka (Ranma's mother) talks about the promise Genma and Ranma made before he and Ranma left, then reveals her katana. Kasumi: "A sword...?" Nodoka takes it out and swings it (shown swinging) before it slips out of her hands.
From: Season 7 Episode 24. "Boy Meets Mom, Part 1" (~16:59)

Index: Oversized cel, without registration holes or markings (it appears to have been trimmed).
Description: Nodoka leans over to comfort Akane, who has just inadvertently destroyed the kitchen and the meal that they were making. Nodoka: "Akane, dear." Akane (sobbing): "I'm sorry, I just messed up everything. I ruined your beautiful dinner." (In this cel, Nodoka is about to place her hand on Akane's shoulder.)
From: OAV Episode 3. "Akane vs. Ranma! I'll Be the One to Inherit Mother's Recipes!" (~20:02)

Index: A2 cel, with drawing
Condition: Discoloration on the drawing from having been stored with the cel.
Description: This is from Akane's flashback to when she told Ranma's mother he would meet her. Akane: "You should know that he... uh..." Nodoka: "No, no! Please don't tell me."
From: Season 7 Episode 25. "Boy Meets Mom, Part 2" (~10:26)

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