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Index: A21 cel
Description: Happosai screaming, as the tornado-like battle aura of Jasmine the elephant overtakes him. This is in a group of scenes with all of the major characters shown similarly screaming.
From: Movie 1: "Big Trouble in Nekonron, China" (~11:41)

Index: Two cel layers (A5 and B3-END), with background
Condition: The layers are firmly stuck together, and stapled to the background.
Layers: A5 is Happosai's body. B3-END is his face.
Description: Happosai looks at a box containing his formal kimono. Akane: "What?" Happosai: "Right now the two of them are probably..." (The cel comes during Happosai saying "right.")
From: Season 3 Episode 23. "Ukyo's Skirt! The Great Girly-Girl Gambit" (~9:07)

Index: B9 cel.
Description: Happosai twirling his pipe, which usually means someone is getting tossed into the sky.
From: Unknown.

Index: B9 cel.
Description: Happosai, under pressure, tells the story of Lychee and the scroll. Happosai: "Very well. It all started back when I was a mere lad of eighteen..."
From: Movie 1: "Big Trouble in Nekonron, China" (~18:06)

Index: A13 cel
Description: Happosai has taken quite a few lumps at the hands of a crowd of angry women; they caught him because Ranma slowed him up. Happosai: "Now you're gonna pay! Are you listening to me?!"
From: Season 4 Episode 3. "Ranma Gets Weak!" (~1:39)

Index: A14 key cel, with drawing
Description: Happosai with his sack of loot, his thieves' mask, and his pipe spinning in front of him.
From: Unknown.

Index: A36 cel, with drawing
Condition: The drawing is badly damaged (torn through in places) from having been stuck to the cel.
Description: Happosai, seemingly surprised and staring up at something.
From: Unknown.

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