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Index: A4 cel, with drawing
Condition: Crease in the drawing (beside Azusa) from being folded by a previous owner.
Description: Azusa's about to stick out her tongue at Akane. Mikado has just taken "Charlotte" (P-chan) from her, and handed the pig to Akane. Mikado: "Please accept my apologies." Akane: "Thank you. It's all right." Azusa (sticking out her tongue): "Nyaaah!"
From: Season 2 Episode 1. "The Abduction of P-Chan" (~4:07)

Index: B6 cel, with drawing of only some of Azusa
Description: Azusa giggles, as Ranma dives at Mikado and misses, landing face-first on the ice. (Ranma is upset because Mikado kissed him.) Akane: "Ranma!" Azusa: [laughs]
From: Season 2 Episode 2. "Close Call! The Dance of Death... On Ice!" (~1:11)

Index: A12 cel
Description: Azusa, reeling from the Golden Pair's "Goodbye Whirl." Azusa: "Oooh! Little Azusa is so dizzy!"
From: Season 2 Episode 3. "P-chan Explodes! The Icy Fountain of Love!" (~3:20)

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