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Index: A11 key cel, with drawing
Condition: Smudge of black ink on the drawing.
Description: Gosunkugi walks to the front of the class on his first day, to be introduced. Student: "What a complete doofus." Teacher: "Class, meet Hikaru Gosunkugi."
From: Season 6 Episode 2. "Enter Gosunkugi, the New Rival?" (~4:42)

Index: Two cel layers, A1-END and B3-END, with background
Condition: The layers are firmly stuck together, and stapled to the background.
Layers: A1-END is Gosunkugi, B3-END is his mouth.
Description: Hikaru Gosunkugi laughs, as he daydreams about winning Akane from Ranma. Gosunkugi (in daydream): "Everything will be all right, now that we're together." Akane (in daydream): "Gosunkugi..."
From: Season 6 Episode 8. "Case of the Furinkan Stalker" (~14:33)

Index: A4 cel, with drawing
Condition: Damage to the drawing from being stuck to the cel. The drawing also has a couple small creases and tears. Minor paint loss in one spot (Gosunkugi's hair above his right ear) from sticking to the drawing.
Description: Hikaru Gosunkugi puts down the binoculars he had been using to watch the other students acting suspicious of Ranma. Gosunkugi: "Ha-ha! Almost there!"
From: Season 6 Episode 8. "Case of the Furinkan Stalker" (~11:36)

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