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Index: A-9 (or A-4?) cel, with drawing.
Condition: Drawing slightly damaged, previous owner let it get stuck to the cel.
Description: Tamari unleashes her attack in her challenge match with Akane, the first match in the Tendo Dojo. Genma: "Watch out! She's trying to-" Tamari: "Good Old Days school of martial arts final attack: Fire flower beanbag endless downpour!" Akane: [screams] (The cel is approximately when Tamari says "fire")
From: Season 5 Episode 6. "And the Challenger Is... A Girl!?" (~6:40)

Index: A5 cel, with drawing
Condition: Minor damage to the drawing; a previous owner let it get stuck to the cel.
Description: Principal Kuno in his office, thinking about disciplining Ranma. Principal Kuno: "Otherwise they be delinquents... especially that Ranma Saotome. That one need the big discipline!" (The cel comes between "Saotome" and "That," as Principal Kuno turns.)
From: Season 5 Episode 8. "Me Is Kuno's Daddy, Me Is" (~6:29)

Index: A9 cel.
Description: Sotatsu Jikei'in, the founder of the school of martial arts calligraphy, fighting Ranma. Sotatsu: "I must admit you've improved. But still you are no match for me, or my secret red-ink spray."
From: Season 6 Episode 3. "Ranma's Calligraphy Challenge!" (~15:23)

Index: B10 key cel, with drawing
Description: Miss Hinako as a young child, practicing "exercises" which Happosai is teaching her. Eventually these exercises lead to her aura-draining attacks. Hinako: "Good girl get well step one. Yeah!" (The cel comes between "one" and "yeah," as Hinako shifts position.)
From: OAV Episode 4. "Stormy Weather Comes to School! Growing Up With Miss Hinako" (~18:52)

Index: C4 cel, with drawing
Description: Sentaro Diamonji discusses with Ranma and Akane, his decision not to pursue a rival tea-ceremony clan. He's in the process of throwing a stone out on the frozen koi pond, as he talks. Sentaro: "My grandma-ma was kidnapped by the three elders from my very own family."
From: Season 6 Episode 12. "The Missing Matriarch of Martial Arts Tea" (~11:18)

Index: D3 cel, with drawing
Description: Kurumi, staring lovingly at the food that Akane was carrying home. Akane: "Have some! Go ahead!" Kurumi: "Really?"
From: OAV Episode 5. "The One to Carry On, Part 1" (~6:22)

Index: A10 cel, with drawing
Condition: Damage to the drawing (around Mariko's eyes)from being stuck to the cel, some paint loss from the cel to thedrawing.
Description: Mariko, the Martial-Arts-Cheerleader, about to unleash her extending baton attack. Mariko: "Feast your eyes, here's a special attack you'll never forget!"
From: Season 7 Episode 20. "Bring It On! Love's Cheerleader, Part II" (~11:29)

Index: A1 key cel, with drawing
Condition: Minor discoloration to the drawing from having been stored with the cel.
Description: Natsume holds her rug-beater at the ready, right after Ranma (who had been arguing with Akane during the battle) dodged her attack. Ranma (to Akane): "I didn't come here so you could just..." Natsume: "Hi-yaa!"
From: OAV Episode 6. "The One to Carry On, Part 2" (~19:45)

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